Bridge Markland


The Berlin performer Bridge Markland is a virtuoso of roleplay and transformation. An artist who effortlessly crosses boundaries between dance, theatre, performance, cabaret and puppet theatre.
Her speciality are transgender-performances in which the audience can experience the change of woman to man (or vice versa).
Markland is a pioneer of drag and gender performance in Germany and organized Drag-King events, tours and festivals between 1994 - 2002.
She showed her short and long productions in Germany, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Her main focus are collages of classical German theatre pieces with pop music – performed as lip-synced solos using role change and puppets: schiller in the box (German) about life and work of poet Friedrich Schiller, faust in the box (German), faust in the box (English) after Goethes Faust (part 1), krug in the box (German) Heinrich von Kleist: The broken Jug, räuber in the box (German) after Friedrich Schiller: The Robbers, robbers in the box (english) after Friedrich Schiller: The Robbers / Die Räuber.

Other focus points of her work are:
Short performances which deal with themes of drag shows, gender transformations, erotics, striptease, audience interactions, dance.

let's talk about sex – a full evening show with saxophonist Nikola Lutz
- Gender Performances, dance, audience interventions, erotic texts, erotic fruit, saxophone music, club beats.

Performer, dancer, actress with other companies:
Performer for the Love Bites Show of Konkursbuch publishing company since 1999 ----
Performer for the Stage Diven Show since 2004 ----
Performer/dancer with Jess Curtis/Gravity, Dances for Non/Fictional Bodies 2010/11----
Actress + Clown with: Platypus Theater childrens and young peoples theatre company ----
Actress in the project: Maria + Elisabeth by Theater aufBruch KUNST GEFÄNGNIS STADT 2011
Performer/Singer - Cabaret Shows + Ballroom dance parties with Jerry Jenkins & His Band of Angels and others
Project höre ich tanz! (do I hear dance!) site specific and audience interactive improvisations with international musicians and dancers – the magic of music and dance delights audiences of all nationalities and ages.